Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Enemy Within

Planet Surface

Known: Eddie Paskey

Unknown: 2 crewmen in sciences jumpsuits (#6, 62)

Based on the outfit, it's possible Eddie Paskey is playing Connors from "Mudd's Women" here. The crewman with thin brown hair appeared in "Where No Man Has Gone Before".

image image image image image image image image


Unknown: Communications officer (#63), helmsman (#64), crewman in operations uniform (#65), James (#29)

The red shirted crewman whom Kirk addresses as "James" could be seen in "The Corbomite Maneuver".

image image image image image image image image


Unknown: Bobby

Bobby gets to autopsy the space dog.


Transporter Room

Known: Eddie Paskey (twice!)

Unknown: 2 crewmen in operations jumpsuits (#66, 67)

image image image image


Known: Ron Veto

Unknown: Helmsman (#64)

The crewman walking by in two scenes looks like Ron Veto, but I'm not absolutely certain.

After Fisher interrupts Kirk and Rand in her quarters, as Kirk is hitting him, someone can be seen running away in the background. It's possible this is Ed Madden getting out of the scene.

image image image image

Kirk's Double

Don Eitner doubles for William Shatner in scenes that requires both Kirks to be seen. He will later appear in "Charlie X".

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mudd's Women

Trying a new format today, the previous one was a little repetitive, plus we don't need to know every scene Kirk and Spock is in. Today's episode, "Mudd's Women", will be grouped by location.


Known: Eddie Paskey

Unknown: Bobby, Navigator (#52)

Eddie is the first appearing extra in this episode, at the bridge engineering station as usual. At the environmental engineering stations is familiar crewman Bobby. We also get a glimpse of an unknown navigator, but it's not Bill Blackburn.

image image image imageimage

Known: Eddie Paskey as Connors

Eddie is never content to be in only one uniform, so he shows up in sickbay wearing a command jumpsuit. (It should've been blue, really!) McCoy calls him Connors and hurries him to leave. He takes a good look at Ruth's "cargo" before doing so.

image image


Known: Frank da Vinci, Ron Veto, Eddie Paskey

Unknown: Bobby, 2 crewmen in command jumpsuits (#53, 54), 2 crewwomen in operations uniforms (#55, 56), 2 crewmen in command uniforms (#57, 58), 1 crewman in sciences uniform (#59), 1 crewwoman in sciences uniform (#60)

The corridor scenes with the male extras ogling Mudd's women feature quite a few extras, some of them familiar. We start with a close-up of Bobby. We can also see Frank da Vinci and Ron Veto. Later we get a quick glimpse of Eddie Paskey walking by outside the briefing room, this time wearing a gold uniform. One of the crewmen seen (#58) will return in "The Naked Time", where he'll be the victim of Sulu's fencing antics.

Bobby Brent, Bobby #53, #55 Harrison, #59, #55, #53, Brent, Bobby Leslie #56 #56, #57 #60#58 #57, #54#54 HarrisonHarrison #58

Briefing Room

Known: Frank da Vinci

Unknown: Crewman in sciences uniform (#61)

We get our best close-up of Frank da Vinci so far, but they could've given him a better haircut. His security guard persona will be named "Vinci" in "The Devil in the Dark". An unidentifiable crewman in a blue uniform walks by just as the doors open.

image #61, Vinci image image