Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mudd's Women

Trying a new format today, the previous one was a little repetitive, plus we don't need to know every scene Kirk and Spock is in. Today's episode, "Mudd's Women", will be grouped by location.


Known: Eddie Paskey

Unknown: Bobby, Navigator (#52)

Eddie is the first appearing extra in this episode, at the bridge engineering station as usual. At the environmental engineering stations is familiar crewman Bobby. We also get a glimpse of an unknown navigator, but it's not Bill Blackburn.

image image image imageimage

Known: Eddie Paskey as Connors

Eddie is never content to be in only one uniform, so he shows up in sickbay wearing a command jumpsuit. (It should've been blue, really!) McCoy calls him Connors and hurries him to leave. He takes a good look at Ruth's "cargo" before doing so.

image image


Known: Frank da Vinci, Ron Veto, Eddie Paskey

Unknown: Bobby, 2 crewmen in command jumpsuits (#53, 54), 2 crewwomen in operations uniforms (#55, 56), 2 crewmen in command uniforms (#57, 58), 1 crewman in sciences uniform (#59), 1 crewwoman in sciences uniform (#60)

The corridor scenes with the male extras ogling Mudd's women feature quite a few extras, some of them familiar. We start with a close-up of Bobby. We can also see Frank da Vinci and Ron Veto. Later we get a quick glimpse of Eddie Paskey walking by outside the briefing room, this time wearing a gold uniform. One of the crewmen seen (#58) will return in "The Naked Time", where he'll be the victim of Sulu's fencing antics.

Bobby Brent, Bobby #53, #55 Harrison, #59, #55, #53, Brent, Bobby Leslie #56 #56, #57 #60#58 #57, #54#54 HarrisonHarrison #58

Briefing Room

Known: Frank da Vinci

Unknown: Crewman in sciences uniform (#61)

We get our best close-up of Frank da Vinci so far, but they could've given him a better haircut. His security guard persona will be named "Vinci" in "The Devil in the Dark". An unidentifiable crewman in a blue uniform walks by just as the doors open.

image #61, Vinci image image


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