Sunday, August 14, 2005

omg first!!!11

Everyone who's read a gaming forum knows what that topic means. ;) Not gonna do it again, promise.

So I surrendered and started a blog. Named it after a Star Trek episode where all the artists and creative people live in a beautiful city floating on the clouds and all the workers live down below on the planet. Although what the title really meant was that the city dwellers where all minding the clouds.

How this relates to me is that I pretty much only mind the clouds. I'm unemployed, mooch off my girlfriend's money, really no interest in a career, don't want a driver's license. Spend my days building LEGO's, playing WoW or any other non-productive thing. This blog will also not contain much emotions or political musings.

I'll promise to let you know when I finish something creatively though. :)


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