Sunday, August 14, 2005

Current projects

I'm working on some current projects. Here's a run-down.

TOS Engine Room

I'm building a LEGO model of the engine room seen in the original Star Trek series. Running out of grey now, but my plan is to finish the back wall and the two side walls of the larger chamber. Link.

NA Teela
Slowly putting some colors on Battle_Brak's New Adventures Teela pic seen here.

Web-based RPG
Working on a PHP/mysql Web-based MMORPG-like game set in the He-Man universe. No more details at this time. Pretty much code done though. Design and gameplay is mostly adapted from World of Warcraft. ;)

School work
Yeah, I've have some things to finish for my degree. Not motivated. Never seen a job ad where a degree was a requirement anyway. Always "be 20 years old with 30 years work experience". Bah.

WoW Characters
Got a few WoW characters running. Basically given up on my 60 Hunter on Aszune (named Droxine ironically). Now playing a level 25 Mage on a PvP server (Stormscale). Joined a guild tonight that will start fresh on the new PvP server coming this wednesday. Hopefully I'll have time to play both and not abandon my friends on Stormscale. Dunno what to do with the alts on Aszune.


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